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    Default Luck Items

    With the new Deathchaser Items you can purchase a total of 125% Luck minimum (not to mention anyone who took advantage of credit specials to get more items above and beyond their "limit")

    However, there is no point in buying more than 100% in luck items since there seems to be a cap in place. Making these Deathchaser items worthless.

    I was told you "couldn't" buy more than the cap but that is apparently wrong because I have maxxed all luck items on Legendary Bounty Hunter with no change in drop rate since he hit 100% in luck items. Getting only 66% drop rate with over 100% in luck items.

    Talisman of Luck 1.00% Limit 10 Total 10%
    Ring of Eternal Luck 2.00% Limit 10 Total 20%
    Lucky Cudgle 2.00% Limit 10 Total 20%
    Native American Luck Charm 2.00% Limit 10 Total 20%
    Talisman of Shakti 1.00% Limit 25 Total 25%
    Fu Coin 2.00% Limit 10 Total 20%

    Grand Total 115%


    Deathchaser Items give a max of 1%-3% no matter how many you own

    Deathchaser Cloak Limit 10
    Deathchaser Book of Secrets Limit 20

    Any 3 Deathchaser Items: 1%-3% above and beyond cap

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