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08-21-2017, 10:49 AM
Game can be found at http://Talibri.com

We are looking for more testers for our pre-alpha that are familiar with MMOs, PBBGs, and Incrementals.

Talibri is a game currently in pre-alpha. It's intended to be an Idle RPG. It can be said that it's a text-based MMORPG. At the moment, our core systems are still being rolled out. We need the alpha testers for both stress and bug testing. The game is javascript based and can be played in any browser.
Our core philosophy is to build the game we want, instead of building a game just make a quick buck. The game was started when we got fed up with the p2w and microtransaction filled games out there, and we intend to focus on making a game instead of making fortune. When you sign up, you'll notice there is no where to purchase anything, because we are more concerned with the basics of the game than making sure our microtransactions work. Just to be up front, there are plans to allow for a premium account, but this game will NEVER be pay to win.
The feature complete alpha will have the following: Gathering, Crafting, PvE Combat, all planned skills, the Auction House, trading system
At the moment the following is implemented:
4 Gathering Skills
4 Crafting Skills
2 Affinities (Our version of classes)
Combat skills
Auction House
Our planned stuff at the moment is as follows: Crafting system with 8 different crafting skills (more will be added, we're starting with 8 or so), PvP system, Guild system, Empire system for mass PvP, Raid Bosses, Dozens of Affinities (Currently 2 implemented, but many many more will be added), Non-combat and non-crafting skills, A magic system, a lore rich world with quests, dungeons with dungeon bosses.
If you are interested, you can join https://discord.gg/tQF5bMw

If you are an artist that does 2d pixel art, we are looking to hire someone to help us develop our art assets.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, we look forward to talking to you on Discord!

Edit: We just added Blacksmithing and Woodcarving!

Key features -
Unlimited Autos as for now (later in alpha/beta they may be restricted but not very much)
No captchas as for now (later in alpha/beta something unique is planned instead of annoying captchas)
Nothing like stamina limitation, play as much as you want 24x7