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08-01-2011, 06:16 AM
Why would anyone exchange credits for strength defence or gold?That should be deleted.

08-01-2011, 06:33 AM
Yes, seems quite useless and unnecessary function to me. And moreover when some rookie views these options, he is fooled as he must be interested in having strength, defense and gold, unknowingly that credits can get him better legendaries.

The uselessness of this option is known to experienced people, but not to the newbies. So i too would request to remove such options. (Though Chris Sir might have his own opinion, he would be willing to generate obstacles in such brain tricks for newbies.)

08-01-2011, 09:21 AM
its not a bad option if u need that one extra point to lvl up but the cost of the point is so high that it really does defeat the purpose of it it is not bad for the high level players that can farm rc from quests especially when u get ur xp up there u know it takes a while to level up a level when it takes 100k-200k per level several times to go up one overall level so it would b worth it then but it should have a better explanation page on how the game works for the new people that signed on cas when i first started on the game i didnt know the importance of rc and used them to buy gold and energy

08-01-2011, 10:42 PM
Lol, if anybody wants to rule this game he should learn to be slow leveler rather than quick. You must be knowing Hulk Smash and Lucifer, both of them are strongest in this game. But they try to level up as slow as possible, to keep their ever ruling strength, maxed.

So giving features like those which are said above are simply fooling/misguiding the newbies.
@ kil9012 :confused:


08-02-2011, 01:31 AM
If admin dont want to delete it,maybe would be good idea to lower price.But...i think the option for exchangeing rcs for gold is really useless.LOL 10rc for 50000 gold.

08-02-2011, 02:23 AM
I still say all 3 are useless from an experienced player's point of view. For a newbie it's just acting like a trap for him, which he/she might later regret and curse admin for this non-sense stuff.....

LOL :)

08-26-2011, 07:05 PM
How about trade GOLD for Credits. There ya go!!

I donate gold to my clan for new players, but every now and then would like to buy that special dress for me... How about adding an option to trade GOLD for Credits.

08-27-2011, 07:45 AM
That would be great. BUT i think that admin wont make it possible.

08-28-2011, 02:27 AM
True @ weedman


:) :) :)

08-30-2011, 12:37 AM
chris will never do an exchange of gold for rc as gold is the free currency of the game and easily obtained exploited and hoarded as many of u in here probably have quadtrillions of gold banked which would make it unfair to newer players to not b able to have the gold banking to trade in like older members not to mention it would b exploited to a level of degrading the game to a bunch alts donating gold to one player to make a massive monster for free since some people run many alts

08-30-2011, 03:04 AM
This topic is repeated many times by many people. LOL.

What do you say @ kil9012