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    Thumbs down Total ABUSE of Bounty by TOMB!!

    I protest this total abuse of bounty system by TOMB. A level 2000+ player who put repeated bounties on a level 100 player and then turned around and collected on the bounty himself. Really ? Is this what the game is about....

    The only reason he bountied this person was for gold. A 2000 (repeat 2000) level player who has significant access to gold bounties a 100 level player for gold.

    Seriously Admin staff you need to sanction this player and stop this ability to collect on a bounty that is set by the same player.

    This is NOT what this game is about. Total abuse of power, total lack of disregard for the spirit of the game, a truly negative message to send to any new players in this game.

    Wow... I cannot express the words which I am thinking in a public forum but seriously... this is messed up.

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    Just an update on this. It is no longer possible to claim a bounty you set.


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