Couple of things on this and these suggestions come from trying to manage recruting new players and wanting to 'advertise' information.

1) there is no apparent order of the Clan list; it does not seem to be alphabetical, by rank, or by leader rank. Can you come up with a way to list the clans that would be helpful to new Players?

2) Advertise options. I don't have a lot of time to peruse the new players list but want to advertise that I am happy to have new players and give daily money allowances. Anything you can come up with to help out on this?

Since there is no gain by having a large number of players (in this game) my desire to have new members is more for their benefit to get them educated on the nuances and help them along.

Hopefully eventually (and I did make this suggestion a while ago) you will offer more member incentives like a weapons stash to pick from of old legendary items members have donated or other stuff.