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My way of thanking administration for running a clean, tight ship and rectifying problematic issues quickly, plus responding just as quickly, led me to spend the $300 for the maximum 25,000 credits at one shot. I hope the money from any who can afford to do so continues to be used well and am sure it will be.
I didn't have much to buy, however, and still have half the credits from that purchase, which I'm sure as higher spells become available I'll be interested here and there or perhaps a new pretty cloak. Spells though don't appear as regularly as the regular spell shop and if they're only the same 1000 RCs as I've so far seen, I'll have saved that many through leveling and searches. Still, I'm happy to have assisted this nice gamesite with funding/develpment costs.
There are never any updates besides special quests, what is there to fund in development? Specially for that price, it could run this game for a year on that.