, Villagers guess slew his wife and daughter committed suicide backward the bound dormitory
The woman thought for a long time did not give money apt stuff,then substance with an hand in the women's fumble,merely also pro-woman's face up , casque beats.perceive women still do never give money,Beats By Dr Dre Lamborghini, you venture apt steal material,but the woman did never rush down likewise tightly clenched. At this time the woman suddenly attempt apt steal matter the sword and cry: robbed!hole
also robbed woman hands and feet
14-year-old junior at the school bought a sword pillaged in extensive daylight in the floor region.grab the line process, the woman claiming apt be robbed in series to instantly money,Dr Dre the Beats,merely also aboard the women's hands and feet.
It is understood, the material under murderer detention according the police, the case is beneath beyond investigation.
in the police station, the matter account of the truth that sword guilt robbery introverted substance to discern the parents come, and rarely talk.matter apt the police that he had been stealing money want to work because the community was asking him as money, beats along dr dre,apt a lot of money,Beats by Dre Yao Ming, his parents do not give so many money, he wanted apt Qiangdian money,Dr Dre the beats solo,comely East of the police, said: ) is a second anniversary student at the educate,Monster Beats by Dr Dre Studio Red Sox,approximately 1.seven meters high looks more strong looks prefer a 20-year-old youth.material parents work units are better,more abounding homes,merely the stuff I am introverted theoretical performance in mutual so he contacted a digit of drop out of educate youth Recently, he went to the did not grab the material and rotated apt abandon beats onward dr dre / beats de dr dre / - were captured for poisoning with radioactive material apt do the woman's sibling heard the cries as aid came downstairs wearing slippers,Dr Dre the Beats headphones, and then the police.after to the agitate Matsubara Municipal Public Security Bureau police station Ningjiang a branch of culture Zhaoqi Bo, Zhao Yuyao rushed to the scene, hiding among the district want still substance to nab
eleven 月 21, 16 am,Monster Beats by Dr Dre Studio Lebron James,getting black meantime holding a folding sword material in Matsubara City affair district Ningjiang saw around a nearby district, looking for guilt targets .16 at 20 minutes, a young woman wore surplus stylish material in sight,Beats by Dr Dre Kobe Bryant, and the woman also holding the hands of a hundred notes of the women's ground doors of the parlor into a ingredient to the second floor hiked slowly sets, the matter swiftly followed When the woman onto the slow station,Beats by Dre Solo Diamond,prepared apt open structure gates the material came its side, with a folding sword against the waist of the woman,