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    Have you thought about or will you think about putting in a general discussion board, similar to the clan board, so that everyone can post a comment for everyone else to see? I personally think this would make the game much more interesting and allow players to get that much more involved because they would have a more direct line of communication with one another than through PM. I also think that both the current clan and this proposed new one should be live meaning that you don't have to refresh the page each time to see the comment sent back.

    Like I said I think it would take the game to a whole new level! Allowing clans to talk trash to other clans in real time. Searching for someone would now become a thing of the past.

    Thanks for your time and consideration in this matter.

    Bat out...

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    We'll think on this. One thing that will be happening soon is Clan Announcements where a clan leader can make posts that everyone will be able to see, such as advertising for others to join a clan and such.

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