Yesterday afternoon, the National People's Congress School of Journalism have two academic lectures just crash: one is the discipline of international cutting-edge teacher training, former Vice President Mr. Harvest towards the set to teach the advertising self-regulation and television future development direction of the U.S. ABC television network; another levy of a famous news jurist Richard Winter stresses morning lectures. my lectures in their own listening to the students, said Wei teachers to come in the afternoon.
me and Wei teacher's friendship can be traced back eight years ago, the China Youth Daily and Youth topic attracted a fresh case. Wei teacher is one of the scholars of the earliest use of the Internet to spread news of legal thought. blog also does not appear, individuals create web pages or small. Today, Wei teacher the other two on press academic blog of the rule of law, can be found on my Links.
I had to ask that teacher for our freezing point Commentary He Weifang, Yang Dongping, Qiao Xinsheng, Yang Fan and other scholars, they created the first brilliant year for the freezing point Commentary of saving face. 6 years ago I just transferred to the National People's Congress, see the occasional one supervision by public opinion seminar chaired by Professor Zhan Jiang Wei teacher to give enthusiasm to encourage demobilized line of business teachers, and the panel discussion to capacity as Chairman, especially Introducing me to press the education sector counterparts, and I felt very warm today, when the end of his lecture, Chen Xuan teacher found me here specifically introduced to Wei teacher, teacher Wei actually pleasantly surprised to rostrum came up to me, and students: This is never met an old friend (he forgot that we have seen that side.)
Teacher Wei Institute of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Press researcher, graduated from the journalism department of Fudan University in Shanghai, have been in the media for many years and eventually embarked on a path of Legal Studies, has been called Law right to know, right to know comes from the freedom of speech, so the interview is not the reporter have the privilege Everyone has freedom of speech, everyone will both capture the free. a deep impression. I have repeatedly referenced in the commentary. Wei teacher
retirement in recent years, mainly in Hong Kong to give lectures, but also the Communication University of China as part-time professors, research students. trip to Beijing to attend him with the Master Graduate reply. Chen Lidan teacher took advantage of this opportunity he was the entire corridor could hear me half the time quietly slipped into the classroom in the lecture, at first just waiting for the end of the lecture, that I gave a result of mm from teaching for six years to newly published News Review Course Teacher Wei As a thanks and reporting. But, unwittingly, I like the students do remember the notes to the assertion of his unique insights and fresh data, the case is too attractive.
I can feel these years, although he has already persistent.
by comparing the two countries, the legal provisions on the media invasion, pointed out: China news lawsuit phenomenon (which naturally includes the media is too high losing rate) is the law and the result of lax enforcement. Court in dealing with citizens and officials, government agencies, disputes between companies, often instinctively or deliberately in favor of the strong to suppress citizens' right to freedom of expression. rule is inadequate, such as the public authority can be used as the main body of the prosecution of libel.
So, in order to protect the media, public opinion, in China there is no need to introduce the United States, the 1
legal status of Sino-US media. Chinese media is not the main body of the constitutional freedom, but an institution of state power within the system.
(he quoted Chen Lidan teacher one point: the Chinese media coverage to a large extent is an extension of the public authority) if the status of this one by the media and then apply the subject; Sichuan Legal News and its criticism of the mayor is not
2 News lawsuit is not a major factor to hinder criticism of officials.
He cited two 10-year media lawsuit statistics, pointed out that the reason why officials to prosecute media decreased significantly after a 10-year, an important cause with the relevant provisions of the leading cadres criticized must be strictly controlled, and where a party committee review criticized the manuscript should be sent to the criticism of leading cadres. students up to our camera photo spot gave me to his new book, feel very Wei teacher can reflect the academic point of view.