30. I do not like talking when upset, I like a quiet no comfort, I like a man standing by the window looking away in a daze, I like a man walking without purpose with, a person cry, a Calei, a sad, a share. Looking at the blurred vision to clear, clear, after vague, repeated constantly. Discovered that the original, I have been just one person.

31.'s troubles on the 12 words: fit, take things too hard, see through, forget it.

32. before the rural guy, drink some pesticide to commit suicide. His family is very calm lady caught him inside the yard. Come up with a bucket of manure, feed him a spoonful spoonful to eat. Side of his mouth to feed, suicide is not it, drink some pesticide is not it, eat shit it you. That person need something that tragic ah. Not to mention pesticides, stomach threw up.

33. When a person calm down, what would like to understand. Understand, will not think too much, and slowly will calm. His firm would not need to rely on someone else had, a good life lived quietly, as much capital and colorful. To live out the personal charisma.

34. Do not live too tired, too tired not busy; Xiangui do not want to eat, do not want to wear the said waste; upset the find friends, asleep and fell down asleep. Peace of mind is always beautiful, happy day better! !

35, if you cry, you can only be a cry, no one care about your weakness, and only slowly to be strong. If you laugh, the world will laugh with you, you give the world a ray of sunshine, the world is your spring. In many cases, we are walking in loneliness, in solitude to think, do not expect others to read your mind, agree with your thinking, you know, you just walk on the road in the world, the world gave you all the sky.

36. [the world's most precious things are free of charge] 1, the sun, is free. 2, the air is free. 3, love, is free. 4, the family, is free. 5, friendship, free of charge. 6, the dream, is free. 7, faith, free of charge. So many good things are free, God had the most precious of all, free to give each one of us. Please cherish everything. . .

37. pain too, know how to protect themselves; crying, know what heartache feels; silly too, to know and adhere to timely give up; loved, did not know he is very vulnerable. In fact, life does not need so many unnecessary attachments, nothing really can not let go.

38. seen through several terms: 1. explained, is always redundant, because people know you do not need it, do not understand you people even do not need it. (2) indifference, sometimes not heartless, just a tool to avoid being hurt. 3 sorry for you and happy people, is the enemy; for your happiness and happy people, is a friend; sorry for you and sad, is to be put in mind of those people! 4 friends, that is, can you see through people like you.

39. girls do not care you have no money, she cares about is that you will make greater efforts to change the status quo; girls do not care to live with you encounter difficulties, she cares about is that you will not will be difficulties; girls do not care how romantic you, she cares about is able to feel the bit by bit from the life of your love; girl does not care about how your current situation, she cares about is that you can not let she saw your future ...