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    Default Craziest Idea Ever!

    Literally... Admin you can call me insane for this, and I'm not sure if I even want this added because (I don't know much about all this gamemaking n all) but I think it would be hard.

    Suggestion :

    Traits/Skills (This also adds a second purpose of classes)

    Every XXX levels you gain a Trait/Skill point

    It can be used to increase a certain Trait/Skill. Each class would have XX traits/skills that can be upgraded to level X. They do or don't save throughout changing classes and can be extremely helpful.

    Example :

    Mage :

    Firewall (Consumes (XXX * Level of Trait/Skill/Player) Energy to use)

    Deals X* Equip Strength to the target and if they are a player it reduces their healthregen by XXX for 2 regenerations (DOES NOT STACK).

    Example 2 :

    Assassin :


    Increases equip strength by (XX* Level of Trait/Skill)% and heals you by (X* Level of Trait/Skill)% of the damage you deal.
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