During my time in the stress test weekend, I've noticed that I'm often dying after I've rounded a corner or used a defensive ability. When I check the Kill Cam, it appears to the opponent that I never ran around the corner or used that ability. This is nothing new to online fps, but I've never felt it so heavily or so prevalent as in Overwatch. Maybe it's because of the ability-focused nature of the game, but I've noticed these lag compensation-related deaths happen far more often in Overwatch than in a game like TF2. I don't have a bad connection, either - only 30-60ms ping unless the servers are suffering issues.
I find this to be a major problem simply because the time to kill is very low and many abilities, being defensive in nature, will often need to be used at the last possible second. I've had deaths as Junkrat where I bomb-jump away from an opponent and die, watching my corpse fly through the air, and then the Kill Cam shows I never actually bomb-jumped. I've had similar issues with many other heroes. These aren't isolated incidents, either. On average, I can usually say 2-3 of my deaths PER GAME happen after I've rounded a corner/used an ability on my screen only to find that didn't happen on the Kill Cam.
I know I'm not the only one suffering from these lag compensation issues. I don't know if the servers need a higher tick rate or something, but it needs to be addressed.