Seriously, how does MM justify the current $ to credit ratio?

Goto a store and buy any game for $60, spend $500 on here, and its gone in a flash, and you still wont be 'kitted out' with all the best gear.

In-case MM didn't realize, there is a massive recession on, and people barely want to spare the $25 for premium, let alone more for items. And lets face it, the non-premium players are like lambs to the slaughter versus premium players. MM would probably find that if they reduced the cost per 1000 credits or whatever, then more people would be willing to pay for credits in general, thus making more money in the long run.

I realize the game is fairly new, but seriously, your just going to scare people off when your putting items up that cost 7500 credits, which is $120 ... FOR AN ITEM! let alone the latest addition which is 10,000 credits!

Also, to address the non-premium players being lambs to the slaughter issue, I think a good work aroudn for this would simply be that premium players CAN NOT attack non premium players, to balance out the game a little.

Also, a low level player can attack any level player, where as a higher level player can not attack a lower level player beyond a set limit. i think there should be an upper limit to the level of player you can attack above you implemented, again to balance the game more.

Reduce your credits cost MM, your overheads cant be THAT high, so why do we have to pay such an extortionate rate for credits!? Lure more people to spend their money, and come up with a new price plan!