I think (see the smoke ~~~~~~) that a day, with a general timeframe such has midnite should suffice and should kinda be a rule of thumb... Hear me out, sayas you previously stated for reason you don't weanna get into you forget, I personally have crs syndorme (can't remember Sh!t) and know exactly where you coming from, but can also see nookie's point. If a player is madly trying to finish something and blame it's gone it is very frustrating. As I am sure it is very frustraing for admin to continued to get personally attacked (come on peeps, there are thousand's of us and 1 admin). So please let's not get carried away. Besides nookie, you really have a choice here, not that I am trying to be a butt, but it IS your choice to play the game. My choice to be a closet player cause my wife hates it, but I do anyway. My choice to continue on when peeps can buy their way into a awesome character when some of us have worked and yes bought a few things.
Finally, hanook had a valid point on the Cloak, that is totally a different animal. I scraped, scrounged, sold a kidney to ensure that I could get what I, let me repeat WHAT I WANTED! Then you extend past your drop dead date. I will say this. I will surely hope next time you keep your word on that, at least give us notice if you change. You did on Milleon cloak and if I remember correctly no-one had a problem.

Thanks Bat