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    Lightbulb Player Attacks - Bounties

    Ok, I'm new to posting in forums, but I had to get this idea of mine out there. It may have been mentioned under another thread but here goes......

    I have noticed that people can bounty others (at times just to stir the pot), and no matter what has been said or done, continue to bounty people for pennies on the hit...... i.e. 1K per level etc.

    The idea that popped in my mind was to allow a certain number of $ bounties of people per day, and unlimited amounts of RC bounties (say 10 RC's per bounty). This way if people wish to cause disruption and mayhem, they can do as much as their pocket desires.

    The other idea would be to equalize the amount of cash it takes to put people up for bounty. To me, it seems very low $ per game output, and people constantly put people on bounty list.

    Anyhow, just wanted to get that out there and see what peole think.

    PsycNurs -

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