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Thread: Clan wars

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    Default Clan wars

    We have seen the war feature for while now and for the most part it’s good, however some tweaking is required.
    There is one clan out there whose members are inactive and have been for some time. They are being used to pad the win column of most of the larger clans. While this in itself isn’t bad it does show the failing of the wars.
    We have seen where smaller clan can still attack larger ones and win by killing a few high level inactive players and then sitting back. It is virtually impossible for a large clan to catch up no matter how tough they are.
    Here are some proposals
    1. Cloak of rejuvenation can’t be used in a war. Having an online player virtually immune to attacks while he casually mows down your forces isn’t fair. The same player sitting offline immune to attacks is also not fair.
    2. For an Ambush attack only online players can be attacked for points. Inactive players can be attacked to build up awards i.e. number of players killed.
    3. Players who retaliate are automatically in a “war party” and are worth full points even if offline.
    4. Allow for a protected player status. We have several players who don’t want to go to war. They only want the info and/or are busy with farming bosses or doing quests. The status should last a week and forbid them from attacking ANY player be it in a war or collecting and placing bounties.
    5. Clan bosses and officers who are offline can be attacked for points once only. Subsequent kills are for kill stats only
    6. If there is no retaliation during a war then there is a no win war. Awards for kills can be collected but the war is a no decision. Clans who don’t want to fight are not penalized by staying neutral.
    7. Treaties can be signed but there is a penalty for breaking the truce and ambushing of 10 billion gold maximum or half the clan bank whichever is larger. Treaties are valid for 14 days and no more than 3-4 treaties can be active at once. We can’t all be friends
    8. Formal wars are still everyman for himself
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    Nice work Tananda, excellent Ideas! I will ensure these are carefully looked into!


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