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    Thumbs down Halloween quest = FAIL

    This new halloween quest is rediculous. The drop rate for the maskes in low. and the fact that you need 500 of them to complete the scavenger hunt is impossible. Especally for lower level players with low energy regin. I have leveled up 6 times and im only 2 days into scavanger hunt. The drop is SOO not worth all the lvls and nrg.
    (1) Crystalized Energy Flower
    (1) Dragonskull Belt (+100 Defense/+25 Strength)
    (1) Snake Tongue Bracelet (+15 Defense/Strength)
    (1) Andvari Empowered Hood (+10 Defense/Strength, +1 Energy, +10 Max HP, +1 Energy/5 mins, +1 HP/Hour) [Unlimited]

    Day 25 is Wings, Day 50 is Fruit of Life

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