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    Post Suggestions for Admin

    I am creating this thread to give Admin an idea of what we, the people of Algadon, would like to see happen. Before I begin I ask that no1 post on here with vulgarities. Please act your age. Cursing and mudslinging will accomplish NOTHING.

    A few notes i have, and I have collected from other players around me are as follows:

    The Wrath Cloak was what really tipped the balance of this game
    If your going to have an uber powerful cloak do not give it uber defense as well. There should have been a Max of 1 or 2 at most instead of 10.
    There should have been a min lvl of 750

    there is nothing that can be done about it now. But please bare in mind when creating the next Ultra Cloak of Godliness

    Please Return the sale of potions and nrg flowers to their orginal price. This is the only way players who cannot afford to dump $300 every time a new cloak comes out can compeate with the players who maxed the wrath or any other cloak.

    Put a max lvl limit of around 2000 or so on the 1100 quest to keep the sale of potions for rcs from getting out of control

    Under stand that the players that can farm potions for rcs are not the ones who will be dumping the most money on the game. In order for them to get to the point they can farm 4500 rcs in potions in a day means they must have already spent a lot of money.

    The players coming up on black dragon, gold dragon and savage amazon are the ones who will dump the most money. If you want to be able to farm potions later on you have to hit these bosses HARD and FAST.

    I have seen very low lvls take on players who are lvl 2500+
    Older players who did not have the rage cloak or wrath cloak available to them when they were coming up on the 3 major bosses got slighted. They spent good money on the game but the powerful items just weren't available.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please anyone who posts after me. keep it civil. Getting angry and out of control will do nothing positive.

    Please feel free to leave notes on my suggestions and make suggestions of your own. I know we have some VERY intelligent players on here who have great suggestions.

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