For admins - actually it is a serious problem as well, sir, 3 months before when hot lola was guiding algadon users to password stealer site then i lost crazyrx account of my friend rajpatel9090. It's password was unrecoverable as the email registered with crazyrx is but i don't know how it changed by itself. I gave password to admins for my email as well, but still i was not helped in recovering the password for that. Now that account is dead, as it was weak and hacker may have just thrown it, as it is of no use to him/her.

I am simply saying that security of game needs little more concern especially regarding emails and passwords. There should be additional options for the recovery of passwords and changing email if it changes knowingly or unknowingly (As domain might be changed, in some cases, and many other things might happen to the domain, with whom our email is registered)

It is suggested that back2eight should be helped as i know that nothing is hidden from admins. And they can still confirm whether back2eight is genuine or not via ip address and possibly by other ways as well.

I am sorry if i said anything wrong, i didn't meant to hurt anyone. And i am not forcing admins to help back2eight. It's simply my opinion and it is in best interests to help him, he doesn't seem to be wrong. I don't know about Paypal disputes, that he is in, though. But still........

Some things needs to be worked out, rather than closing eyes for some rules and policies.