this has been an issue for quite a while and I have reported it several times and have never gotten a response on what is going on or what is being done to fix it. I have finally figured out what they are doing.

Admin, this is a serious problem. What they are doing is having enough members to start a war, then they are booting everyone and cloaking the one that is left. That way, even a level 50 can win a war against the largest clan in algadon because that leaves absolutely no points to be gained by the opposing side.

You have it fixed where no one can join during a clan war. It should also be fixed that no one can LEAVE during one, because this is a major flaw in the system that is allowing them to cheat and win. MAny people have alternate clans that they use just for war purposes. They get enough people in one to attack, then they all leave and they make sure to leave less than 10 people in the clan so no one can attack them.