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    Lightbulb boss info

    for those of you curious i'll post a list of bosses and what i know about them

    haven't fought it in awhile. has i think 600 hit points.
    min hits is 5-7. drops basic sword, basic helm, and lifeforce shield

    sea creature
    min hit is 10-12, cash reward 25,000. drops axe, battle axe, and mace

    skelatal warrior
    dissapears at level 100. cash reward 50,000. drops warhammer

    centaur knight
    1500 health, 50,000 cash reward, 47 exp kill bonus, min lvl 15, boss lvl 17, min hit 28-35. drops cutlass and mirror shield, 4 exp each win

    killer siafu
    about 47-57 min hit, 100,000 cash reward, min level 20, boss level 22, 2250 health. 59 exp kill bonus. 4 exp each win. drops throwing knives

    serpent master
    min level 30, boss level 32, cash reward 125,000. 3000 health, min hit 65-79
    drops rapier. 85 exp kill bonus

    great wolf
    min level 40, boss level 42, cash reward 150,000, health 5000. 84-101 min hit. 6 exp per win

    red dragon
    min level 50, boss level 75. 8 exp per win. min hit 127-154

    rat lord
    min level 80, boss level 100, cash reward, 250,000. health 12,000. 30 exp per win

    min level 100, boss level 125, cash reward, 275,000

    i know this isnt all the information, i'll try and add to it in the future, i'm a bit iffy about the first few bosses so feel free to post more info or correct something i might have messed up
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