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    Angry revamp clan war suggestions

    As well all know the current clan war system has many many flaws in it and i propose that we petition the game administrators to please fix this since there are many players and entire clans exploiting this system as it currently stands.
    here are my proposals, please feel free to add your own ideas and opinions:

    1. i've just noticed this recent exploit and have reported it to the administrators already but there is a loophole in the formal wars system that allows one clan to agree to a formal war with another clan and have the other clan surrender endlessly to boost the first clan's win statistics. i.e. say im the leader of a clan and i have an alternative account that leads another clan, i can declare a formal war on my alt's clan and then make them surrender 100 times and therefore have 100 clan war victories very very quickly
    ----possible fix
    ****limit formal wars in the same way forced wars are

    2. the use of revujenation cloaks is also very abused in clan wars. clans will have one or 2 strong players worth a lot of points that will get those cloaks and the rest of the clan worth almost nothing so that the high point players can decimate the high point players in the other clan while they can only get the very low level point players and it is impossible to ever catch up.
    ----possible fixes
    ****removing rejuvenation cloaks from war altogether
    ****putting a limit on number of rejuvenations cloaks per day/week/month etc.
    ****changing the time limit on the cloaks, i.e. only 30 min instead of whole hour therefore both clans should have a more equal opportunity at points
    ****putting an option in to not allow the use of rejuv cloaks in a formal war

    3. some clans will force a war on another clan and then after war put up a pending war with one of thier allies indefinitely to prevent retailiations
    ----possible fix
    ****put a time limit on pending wars AND how many pending wars one clan can put up in a row

    4. some clans will also drop all members except one in a war when they start winning in order to make sure the opponent clan cant get points/ also clans drop a member after a war so they will have only 9 members and cant be attacked
    ----possible fix
    ****dont allow clan members to be dropped during a war and put in an option to retaliate if attacked no matter what size the other clan drops down to

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