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    Default valentines quest feedback

    just opening up a feedback thread so that everyone can let admin know our thoughts on the latest special quest. please be civil whenever you post in forum.

    my feelings are that the energy requirement was much higher than the benefits and almost no time to do the quest, nice artwork on the new (at least i havent seen the piece before) item though.

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    This quest is horrible...if i didnt have so much energy and regen i would never be able to complete it. In my opinion the Princess' Heart Pendant is not a very good item in general and especially not worth the 15000 energy required. the +100 defense and +25 strength is ok but 100 hp? not that good and especially 10hp/ HOUR?? that is basically useless, afterall we can just use the hospital to heal or food. And if it is supposed to end today why make the max on the pendant 5 with a daily limit of 1 time all the way through on the quest? so at most you can only get 3 or 4 depending on exactly when it will be taken down.
    I really hoped the admins had changed the way they made these quests since the thanksgiving quest and christmas quest were actually really good. You have disappointed us all again chris, please make the next special quest actually completable for all levels and the items dropped actually worth the time and energy.

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    well i agree, the items awarded in previous holiday quest were much better and quest was quite easy to do. But this one...whew... Tiring and less rewarding, lols.

    But still it's better to have something than nothing. I got one pendant at least.

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