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    Default clan update suggestions

    I thought I was time to actually make a new thread for this so here is goes with my suggestions (with more to come) for revamping the clan war system

    1. Rejuv cloaks should no longer work while a clan is at war for anything. Outside of war they will act as normal. If a rejuv cloak is used before a war the time is “paused” and resumes immediately after the war is over. (this helps protect someone that gets ambushed right after they spend so much on the item)
    a. Possible twist would be to allow the option in a formal war with the default set to “no”
    b. Instead of immediately resuming they get a “depleted rejuv cloak” that has the remaining time on It so they can train when they choose. The war would probably have depleted a large portion of energy.

    2. Create clan factions that can be updated after 30 days. They will be designated “Berserker” ,“Settler” and “Overseer”. Each having its own abilities as well as pro’s & con’s
    ---Berserker: can start a war 6 hours after the end of their last one. They can ambush and be ambushed by any other berserker designated clan. They may also enter into formal wars. Pending formal wars do not prevent a clan from ambushing or being ambushed. Only one war at a time. Semi formal wars are also allowed.
    --1% increase to attack while in a berserker clan, effective against bosses and players, both inside and outside of war. Special quest missions that can only be completed by a berserker clan
    ---Settler: can participate in formal wars. Up to 2 wars may be pending at once. Forced wars are not allowed in clans designated “settler”. Wars must be 24 hours apart at the least. Only one war at a time.
    --1% increase to defense while in a settler clan, effective against bosses and players, both inside and outside of wars. Special quests missions that can only be completed by a settler clan
    ---Overseer: can participate in formal wars. Wars can take place as soon as 12 hours after the last war. Cannot impose forced wars but can impose semi formal wars, a war that is announced 24 hours in advance and can only be called off by surrender. Only one semi formal war can be pending at a time.
    --.5% increase to both attack and defense while in a overseer clan, effective against bosses and players, both inside and outside of wars. Special quests that can be completed by either berserker or settler clans (some are still exclusive to each).
    a. The semi formal war feature, if implemented would not be like the pending formal war loophole because only surrendering, a loss, would prevent an actual war.
    b. The 30 day period is the minimum wait period before changing. The only way to alter this is to attack a clan with a non-formal war after the 25th day. Each new war after this will extend the period 5 days after the war ends.

    3. Create “clan credits” a non purchasable currency that can be used to purchase special items and power ups for the clan. They could be automatically deposited each day when a member logs in or a daily quest, either way members would not control them. It would remain in the clan vault until the leader (or possibly officers) spent them. Along with logging in each day a clan could also earn credits for war achievements. These would apply to such awards such as 25, 100, and 500 kills in a war as well as larger one time bonuses for a certain number of war wins. The special quests could give the possibility of clan credits as well.
    The rewards purchased could be “clan sticky” or “member sticky” meaning that it will either occur for anyone in the clan as long as they are in the clan, including new members, or it would only apply to members in the gang at that time and they could leave the gang and still retain them. The rewards could also be active all the time, only when at war, and only outside of war
    Reward examples:
    -1-5% increase to attack or defense
    - .1% increase to daily bank interest (up to 5%) could be either for the clan bank or personal bank
    - 1-5k increase regain
    - 1-5 energy regain
    - increases to damage in wars, higher than that ¼ or so cap that is now in place.
    - decrease to energy cost of an attack in clan war
    - decrease in energy cost for some quests
    - “free attack” possibility. Ex 1 in 15 attacks does not cost energy
    - luck increases
    The degree of each of these and where they function will affect the cost

    4. the special quests that are available to those in clans would produce some special gear with similar attributes as the clan wide power ups available to the whole clan. Clan credits could be possible rewards as well. The item rewards would e slightly different in appearance and stats depending on the designation of the clan

    There are probably a few more things to add to this list and quite a few holes to be shot in it and repaired before admin will consider it but I think that these will be the best ways to revamp the clan system, and it really needs it. If you do want to give your opinion it might be better to just quote small parts rather than this obnoxiously long post. Thank you.

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