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Thread: halloween drops

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    Default halloween drops

    "There are two special Halloween-only drops available! You can possess up to 5 of each one. They both provide a permanent +1 equip defense benefit for each one obtained. Search them out to take advantage! These drops will be available only until 11/1/09."

    that is the message everyone got in thier news section. but it still leaves me wondering where the drops come from. are they droped by attacking players, bosses, by doing some quests? i've attacked my usualy boss many times and gotten well over 50 kills since i saw this message and have yet to get the scarecrow or the hallowen mask, the items i believe it was refering to. ive also done several quest, though mostly low level to conserve energy and came up empty.

    please tell me. must i attack players, certain bosses, or do more quests (or is there a new one for the items). i'd really like to know before the time runs out. i asked my clan but they could only quote the news feed

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    I sent you a private message to answer your question

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