Um the game is cool and all but this is what i had in mind..... There should be a sequel called Algadon: Day of Dawn or Algadon: Dark Alliance. That would own! You should be able to change classes and customize your character. You should be able to explore the world and cities. Texted based of course. You should be able to chat with other players and challenge each other. You should be able to make friends. Keep the guilds that was good. But you can add an guild tournament. And have other 1 on 1 battles. You should have tournaments and battles at the arena. You should also be able to change your allignment.(optional) Also add karma, good and evil. You should also be able to fight more beasts. Thnx! All of this would be awsome! Please notify me for questions [email protected] Please make this game! I would really be thankful! Oh! And one more thing the lv up system should be easier to under the exp is hard to under stand for me. i hope every one agrees!