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This request is more for courtesy than anything... but for conscientious players, it might be nice to see the last "time" (i.e. date/time with time zone) next to a boss. This would help determine if another player is actively attacking but perhaps stopped for a few seconds to go refuel and will be back.

I know a few times when I have gone to attack a boss thinking it is not active only to be "reminded" via a message or player attack that someone was attacking that same boss. I generally work out this misqueues of attack and all is OK. Also given Algadon is relatively small in the number of players but wants to GROW up and expect more players, this would be a nice feature to have. So if someone were a courteous player they could notice ... "hey this boss was attacked within the last 30 seconds.. I bet the attacker may be getting food and will be back" vs "hey this boss was attacked 2 hours ago".

Something to think about as Algadon grows!!

I always to try to see that whenever i am on pc. But on mobile as it is slow, i go out boss killing blindly, however if someone pm me immediately requesting to stop that, then i stop at once. My mobile is super slow and if by mistake i get a KS, and also informed by the other that i did that to him, then i simply help him in getting next kill