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Thread: new to rpg

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    Default new to rpg

    just decided to try this out. I am 66 and have never got into rp. this is probably a whim, but here i am. how do i get started? really all help is needed/appreciated.I read the info but would like some direction on getting started. algadoni

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    No problem, just ask away anything you want

    Little tips to get started......

    1. There is a search for treasure link on the main page. (If you are on mobile phone, then you have to click more, then you can see search for treasure.) Click once on this link everyday to gain free credits, in-game currency.

    2. There are 2 attributes in this game for your character, attack and defense. Your first emphasis should be on strength so raise your str level quickly to level 10, then stop training strength. Inspite of str now start training def quickly to level 10. then stop def, and then keep training str again till lvl 425. As soon as both ur str and def are 10, then you can do level 1 quest "Search for the Treasures of the Lost City", to get another source of free credits.

    3. After that do bossing, PvP or questing or whatever you like, but train strength only from pvp or bossing...... as i mentioned in point no. 2

    Your next lesson will be given to you once you reach lvl 425. Do pm me in game to have your lesson, lol.. .......

    It's not good to display game content on forums, or it will spoil game for newbies...... All the fantasy and fun will be over for you, if i do so.... LOL...

    With Regards
    Harinder Singh

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    Lol. Just visit algadon wikidot. All info that u need is there.
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