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    Exclamation Strength vs. Defense

    There is a fundamental flaw in the manner in which strength and defense are handled in the game. The best way to illustrate is thus:

    Player A: Strength 100; Defense 20
    Player B: Strength 50; Defense 50

    If Player A attacks Player B, one would expect Player A to have the advantage being the attacker with more strength. Player B is in Defense mode, being attacked.
    If Player B attacks Player A, one would expect Player B to have an advantage because Player A, being on the defensive, is weak.

    In the game, Player A always performs better because the game is incorrectly scewed specifically for strength. This has been tested with a variety of defensive items available through the game, with the same result. Only Strength matters.

    Please make this a number one priority because it is a flaw in the rules of attack vs. defense.

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    This has been followed up directly. The current system is actually not as simple as that, but we'll be thinking on how to improve on it. The system you mentioned was planned initially, but decided against in favor of the current for a few reasons. However, an idea has come to mind that I believe will be a good solution if it can be worked into the current system.


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