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Welcome to the Algadon how to play guide. In this guide, you will find the information needed to play Algadon wisely and effectively.



  • You need energy to attack other players and to complete quests.
  • Energy increases every 5 minutes.
  • The amount of energy obtained each cycle depends on your character class, and premium members receive more energy for all character classes.
  • If you have royal credits available, click "Energy" to refill by 50 for 10 credits.


  • Your hitpoints are your health level.
  • You can click "Hitpoints" at the top of game pages to visit the hospital and heal fully with ease. Otherwise, go to the hospital from the Town link to heal a specific amount.


  • Having strength higher than your opponent's defense helps with winning battles (equipment for both players is also a major factor).
  • You can increase your strength by doing quests or training strength when battling bosses or other players.


  • When other players attack you, your defense is what's important.
  • Your defense, armor, and any special items you may own defend against the strength, weapon, and special item(s) of the attacker.
  • You can increase your defense by training defense when battling bosses or other players.


  • Your level increases along with your strength and defense.
  • The current level is the average between strength and defense.
*Energy, health, and gold can regenerate every 5 minutes and every hour. Players also receive a gold bonus once per day.



  • Click this link to engage another player or boss in battle.
  • You can train strength or defense as you fight.
  • A convenient Attack Again button is available to continue attacking the same player or boss, training the same attribute.

Battle Outcomes

  • Battle outcomes are determined based on the character strength + weapon/spell strength, with the extra benefit of any direct damage the weapon or spell may possess versus the character defense + armor defense of the other player. That is, the amount of damage done on both sides is determined by these factors, and the side with the highest damage wins the battle. In other words, it is best to have a higher base + item stat than the person you're attacking or that is attacking you. If the two player stats are close, the direct damage plays a higher role. Of course, if an item has a high direct damage, it becomes a significant factor as well.


  • If you want someone dead, use the link from the player's profile to place a bounty on the member's head.
  • You can place a bounty for as little as 500 gold, and someone will take out the player for you to claim the bounty.
  • Existing bounties can be accessed from the Bounty link in the left navigation.
  • When you claim a posted bounty, you receive the bounty amount and experience for the kill.


  • Earn gold and experience by performing quests.
  • In order to complete a quest, you must meet any requirements, such as having the necessary energy, meeting a required level, or having an item that is needed to perform the quest.

Search for Treasure

  • You can search for treasure once per day from the left navigation to find royal credits and gold!



  • Shops are available to purchase weapons, armor, food and drinks, spells, and legendary items.
  • You can also sell items from your inventory.


  • You can create a bank account to store your gold, which will protect it during fights.
  • The cost to open a bank account is $150.


  • Players can visit the hospital to heal after a battle or being killed from a bounty.
  • The cost to heal is 3 gold per hitpoint.


  • If one of your weapons or armor becomes damaged, visit the blacksmith to repair it.

Equipment / Items


  • In the Items section from the left navigation, you will find your weapons, armor, consumables, and any special items you have obtained.
  • Only one weapon and armor can be in use.
  • You can change the items you have equipped and repair any damaged item(s) from the items section.
  • When you buy or otherwise obtain a new item that is better than your current, don't forget to equip it.

Item Drops

  • When battling bosses and doing certain quests, there's a possibility of obtaining a drop.
  • Dropped items can range from common to extraordinary.



  • The mailbox displays messages sent to you by other players. Click the link when you see a number to the right (which represents the number of messages you have received).


  • The news section presents a lot of useful information, such as game announcements, events, and other important details.
  • A number to the right of the news link indicates that you have unread news items.
  • Click the link to view them.

Premium Members

  • You can become a premium member for a one-time fee of only $25.
  • Premium membership offers many benefits, including weapons, foods, potions, and character classes only available to premium members as well as higher bank interest, increased drop rates, and more!

Royal Credits

  • Royal Credits can be used to purchase very special items, such as extraordinary weapons, armor, spells, and other special items.
  • You can also use Royal Credits to refill your energy, increase your base strength or defense, and obtain gold quickly.
Thanks for playing, and we hope you enjoy Algadon!


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