The Story

A Thousand Years Ago

The world is a turbulent place. The various races; humans, elves, dwarfs, and others, both more and less virtuous, exist together. Resources are limited, lands are cramped. War is inevitable, and so it happened among the ancient tribes. Species, races, and nations clashed, rose and fell with every new dawn; an endless maelstrom of disorder and chaos. Eventually, though, the world saw a new light. A man called Algadon rose up in one small, insignificant tribe and saw a vision of a better world. Against a harsh resistance, over time Algadon united the human tribes through diplomacy or war. Once accomplished, his influence quickly spread. Alongside the fractured races of the world, his nation expanded quickly, drawing all who would under his banner. Ever onwards, Algadon's empire expanded, until almost all the known world was under one banner. Those races that would join were welcome, and for the first time men could stand beside elves, dwarfs, or orcs without blood being spilt. The era of peace came in, and progress began. Even after Algadon's death, the kingdom changed in a matter of generations, taking up the name of the hero who had founded it. Both magic and craftsmanship moved into realms never seen before, showing benefits for everyone.

Three Hundred Years Ago

Still though, there were problems. The aristocracy was strictly human; the decedents of the original tribe of Algadon ruled over the rest to an extent. It was the petty power struggles of Algadon's own blood that eventually undid what he had accomplished, and civil war erupted in a land where war had otherwise been forgotten. As the empire split apart, the power of weaponry and magic that had come so far became a curse, allowing more powerful weapons of death and destruction. Rather than orc versus man, elf versus dwarf, it was now one clan against another, and the fires spread from one city to another. Some were abandoned, others burnt to the ground by rival clans or by the outcast, monstrous races that had always been their enemies. The empire crumbled away into the wind, forgotten even while it was within living memory. Technology and knowledge disappeared with each city abandoned, each artisan dead, and soon what were once common items became myths and legends, as impossible as restoring the ancient order.

One of the remaining cities was Oransted. With routes to other cities cut, and no way to know if the routes still even led anywhere, the city is thoroughly alone. The clan in charge took up the mantle of royalty in a bid to maintain order, and their armies forced back the claws that scratched at the borders.


Time has worn on. The city still stands, and still maintains an uneasy control of the lands around itself. The royal family endures, and still strives to keep control over a population which still isn't completely their own. The city may be under their thumb, but the lands around that they protect are often less than enthusiastic in support, and there are many wandering the kingdom who would not call the king their master. Always, monsters and evil races lurk at the borders and in the forests and hills, making travel dangerous and forcing the king to pay those who watch the roads dearly.

The king looks out darkly from his castle. The kingdom may have lasted so far, but it is a place under stress, and eventually it will come undone unless something is done. The majority love the wise and kind king. Many wish only to serve the people and country, and strive for a way to aid the king. Others plot against him, seeing opportunity in the world's madness. Both sides search for the lost relics of the empire, and for a mastery of their own strength, to fulfill their goals. The king knows his kingdom is barely under control, but also knows that if the heroes of the nation follow him, so will the masses. In order to keep their loyalty, he grants gifts of power to the strongest and most supportive warriors, hoping to earn or maintain their allegiance as well as reward loyalty.


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